Trash chutes in Brevard County

Trash chutes in Brevard County

What is a trash chute?

A trash chute is a large tube through which trash is moved to a central collection point. Trash chutes in Brevard County are a great way to dispose of waste in mid-rise or high-rise buildings.

There are five main parts in a trash chute:

• Compactor: single or multiple (for a recycling system) waste containers, typically located in the trash room.

• Discharge door: door located at the bottom of the chute, used to securely close the chute in the event of a fire.

• Chute: steel tube with expansion joints that are typically located at each floor

• Support frames: installed at each floor, usually made of steel angles and bar stock secured to the floor.

• Intake doors: placed at each floor, typically hinged at the bottom and constructed with stainless steel.

Trash chutes are the best choice for owners of apartment complexes or high rise buildings in. There are many advantages to trash chutes in Brevard County. They make garbage disposal seamless, allowing all the waste to fall into the designated receptacle. Residents will avoid having to take the trash out to a designated spot, or not disposing of it correctly.

The building or buildings will require fewer personnel to attend to the trash, since it is all easily collected in one spot. Trash chutes in Brevard County are an easier, more hygienic way to collect garbage, which benefits both the residents and the proprietors.

Freedom Waste Services provides trash chutes in Brevard County to suit the needs of apartment complexes and high-rise buildings.

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Trash chutes in Brevard County